Frequently Asked Questions:

     Q:   How much does it cost?
     A:   For a quote, please contact us at 623-780-9041 or click on the Request Information

     Q:   Do I have to sign a contract?
     A:   No contracts are required. We do ask our clients to submit written notice of
           change of service 30 days in advance.

     Q:   Can I submit my own articles?
     A:   Yes! Although you'll probably find your topic covered in our extensive article file,
            you may submit two of your own articles (approximately 75 words per article).

     Q:   How many articles are featured in each issue?
     A:   You may choose up to seven articles, in addition to your choice of two high-impact

     Q:   When will I receive my Quick Fax and articles each month?
     A:   We will fax you the new text during the first week of each month.

     Q:   What is the due date for my information each month?
     A:   We request that the form be faxed back to us by the 13th.

     Q:   What if I'm too busy to choose my articles for the month?
     A:   No problem! We're happy to put the issue together for you.

     Q:   Can I receive a proof of my newsletter before it's printed?
     A:   Yes...if you submit your articles by the due date and have checked the option
           to receive a proof.

     Q:   When do I receive my newsletter each month?
     A:   If you submit your request by the due date, you will receive your current issue
           before the first business day of the month.

     ●    For additional questions, please contact us at 623-780-9041.